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Sometimes, the leaks are false and the prices or items listed never actually arrive. Our advice: Take those early Black Friday ad leaks with a grain of salt. If the leak can't be confirmed, then don't bother with it. TV deals and laptop deals were once the meat and potatoes of every Black Friday sale. While these devices remain a massive part of Black Friday, retailers have discounted practically all consumer tech during Black Friday in an effort to attract more consumers.

As a result, you'll find great headphone deals , Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals , and excellent Black Friday gaming deals , along with discounts on just about everything you can imagine. Historically, however, TVs and laptops get the steepest price cuts. We're not bluffing when we say that everything goes on sale during Black Friday. So, rather than suggest you avoid a specific category of devices, we're going to show you how to spot the best deals and avoid the gimmicks and much of the hype that surrounds Black Friday.

Examples include vague "doorbuster" and "early bird" deals.

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If a retailer wants you to get in line at 6 p. In previous years, we've noticed that retailers' "in-store-only" sales have always been available online. In some instances, these deals actually debuted quietly online before launching in store. So we suggest you stay home, enjoy that turkey wing, and shop from the comfort of your living room. As the world's biggest e-tailer, Amazon will once again dominate Black Friday, with discounts on everything from the site's Music Unlimited service to its just released hardware line up.

In fact, the new Ring Indoor Cam is already on sale albeit as part of a bundle , whereas other items like the forthcoming Amazon Echo Buds releasing on Oct. For a sneak peek at the best Black Friday Amazon deals , we're taking a quick trip back to Prime Day So while Amazon's devices will offer the better value this year, we do expect to see many of Amazon's recently released items on sale as well. Instead, we predict that the company will bundle this speaker free with other Amazon devices.

It's unlikely these devices will be cheaper on Black Friday, so we predict we'll see these excellent prices once again, perhaps bundled with free months of HBO or Sling TV. Whole Foods: The high-end grocer played a huge role on Prime Day. We predict Whole Foods will offer a lot of Black Friday sales again this year exclusively for Prime members only. Amazon services: Thinking about opening a Music Unlimited account?

Don't do it before Black Friday! Amazon always discounts its services during major holidays, and Black Friday will be no exception. The catch is that many of the deals are valid only for new members. Last year, for instance, Amazon offered new members three months of Music Unlimited for 99 cents.

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Even better, the deal included a free Echo Dot. It's an aggressive deal considering the Apple Watch 5 isn't in stores yet. Walmart Black Friday deals are starting in October. Walmart offered some killer deals last Black Friday. It knows it lost ground to Sony this generation, it knows it has a strong cross-generational library of games, and it wants to bring in as many people as possible before launching into next-gen.

What's more, you'll get a couple of games thrown in too. Xbox One X will follow the same aggressive discounting. You'll likely see those offers come with a AAA game too. PS4 will lean heavily on bundles Sony is winning, so it doesn't need to try that hard. PS4 Black Friday deals will follow the same pattern as they did in , with one big exception. In , there's no killer game to rely on for full-priced bundles, so Sony will shift tactic a little. Sure, we may see a small saving on PS4 Pro and Slim, but that will likely come from retailers undercutting each other.

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Very likely. You're less likely to save money on PS4 than with Xbox One, but you'll get a handful of games thrown in during Black Friday for sure. Nintendo won't cut Switch prices With these new models still attracting good sales, why should the Japanese giant offer discounts? Despite that, you can expect to see retailers like Amazon and Walmart to push harder on savings, as they'll all be competing to be 'the place' to buy Switch during Black Friday.

Previous years have seen decent savings on the console itself, and a host of generous bundles. This year will probably lean heavier on the bundle, as the Switch has a decent library of games to choose from. There's rarely a good time to buy the console, given how rarely they're discounted, but the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are your best bet. November is prime time to go PC While console makers fuss over bundles and next-gen plans, PC parts have rarely been better value for money. In turn, that means gaming PCs are superb value for money, and will be even better during Black Friday.

The GPU is the most costly component of any gaming PC or laptop, and there's a price war happening between Nvidia, AMD, and er, Nvidia which is muscling out its own series cards with new series Super cards. The end result is that graphics cards are cheaper, and therefore all builds are cheaper too. Couple this pricing trend with the fact manufacturers always slash prices over Black Friday, to make room for next year's models and Here's our guide to all the Black Friday gaming PC deals.

Games prices will vary Ok, the actual games in the Black Friday game deals will be a mixture of amazing discounts and 'meh'.

Top 10 Best Buy Black Friday 2018 Deals

The huge winter blockbusters like Gears 5 and Death Stranding won't get decent price cuts, but are likely to be freely bundled with consoles. Notice how we haven't mentioned Nintendo games here: discounts on Switch titles are rare, and not usually implemented by Nintendo, so you're not going to see any cheap Nintendo games unless retailers slash prices. Our guess?

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The best way to get games will be bundles, so watch out for Black Friday gaming specials. That may seem like a lot of scratch, but the difference in picture quality from regular 4K to OLED is very noticeable. So, whether you're looking to pop your 4K cherry, or upgrade to a sleeker model, it's best to save your money for Black Friday. Check our guide to the Black Friday TV deals for more. And when Apple makes a move to discount stock, so do other tablet makers like Samsung and Microsoft.

Amazon itself always offers steep discounts on Kindle and Kindle Fire too, so if you're in the market for a secondary gaming screen, November is THE time for it. You'll win bigger if you go for models with larger storage capacities too, so if you think you'll need it, be prepared to stretch your budget a little It's always on for headsets Much like TV tech, audio is often the star of the sales in November. Picking up a Black Friday gaming headset deal is a smart thing to do, as the majority of modern headsets will not only give you years of superior audio, but they will also be compatible with future consoles and PC builds.

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Even if they do lack whatever connection MS and Sony insist on for their next consoles, we've started to see amps and DACs that not only enable you to connect to other devices, but also enhance the sound provided by regular headsets, even adding 7. There's never a bad time to get a headset deal, but Black Friday is certainly the best opportunity to do so. While it's great to get a Black Friday game deal or two, you don't always get the best value for money. Sometimes retailers will deliberately hike up prices a few weeks before November, only to cut them back to 'normal levels' and insist they're special offers.

So, how do you know if you're getting an actual decent deal, or if you're just paying normal rates? The Kohl's Black Friday ad doesn't mention the size, but the manufacturer lists it at 48" x 72". These small kitchen electrics are always a favorite. We like this 6 quart Gourmia model at Best Buy because it's the best combination of size and affordability.

Toaster ovens are suddenly everywhere. Grilling is no longer a summer-only activity thanks to smokeless grills, another kitchen trend that's turning out great deals lately. This Krups smokeless grill gets a very nice discount at Macy's during their Black Friday sale.

Here's what to buy on Black Friday 12222:

This is the lowest price we've seen on a Dyson V6 Origin Cord-Free vacuum, which gets high marks from reviewers. You'll find the Black Friday deal at Walmart or Jet. These luxuriously soft, highly giftable cashmere sweaters at Macy's are never more affordable than they are during Black Friday, and they come in a variety of colors in both a v-neck and round neckline.

We're big fans of affordable comfort. We love the faux fur trim on the hoods and the color variety. If you're considering these for gifts, Target is definitely the place to go. Money Travel Tech Lifestyle Fashion. The 30 Best Black Friday Deals of Before we dive in, we have some Black Friday shopping tips for you.

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